Developer Services

InvestNAPA is a premier full-service marketing group for new construction developments, renovated luxury houses, condominiums and TICs in San Francisco and the Napa Valley. We work with our clients from the beginning stages of the building and planning process through close of escrow.

We offer a dynamic, innovative and analytical approach to preparing and marketing property, focused on delivering outstanding results for our clients. We work with you to launch your project by integrating strategic target market planning, interactive social media, print advertising, direct marketing and public relations. Our signature marketing elevates your distinctive property.

Subdivision Process

InvestNAPA is noted for being new construction specialists. We have familiarity with the DRE, State and City subdivision process. Our relationships with local architects, attorneys, engineers, and surveyors allow us to provide our clients with solid referrals and sharpen project efficiency. This is crucial to the success of your project. When you run into a problem, we have the knowledge and experience to make recommendations to fix it.


At the outset, we will hold a meeting with you to reach consensus on objectives, strategies, and tactics. From choosing an appropriate level of finishes, to market timing, pre-marketing and unit release advice, to answering the question of sell vs. hold, we offer our clients recommendations sensitive to their financial goals and tax planning strategy.

We will also assist you in identifying, analyzing, and purchasing trade property.


Signature marketing is to a real estate project what branding is to a consumer product. InvestNAPA works with you to create a distinctive project by designing an individualized, savvy, results-oriented marketing program. We work with you to define your target market in order to develop the impactful communication strategy to reach all qualified consumers. By effectively communicating your project’s image and differentiating it from competitors, we use signature marketing to help you achieve the highest market value possible.

Whether this is your first project, or you are a seasoned professional, there is no substitute for knowledge. In today’s competitive and highly segmented world, consumer options are dynamic, ever-changing factors that must be considered in order to achieve marketing success.

The bottom line is that our professional expertise and creative skills permit us to successfully implement superior marketing strategies so that your project achieves consumer acceptance, and you reach your financial goals.

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